Hand antiseptic - gel - Hydro-alcoholic gel


Radical - virucidal, fungicide and bactericide in a single operation
Tested according to 7 European standards

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  • 100 ml X 12
  • 500 ml X 12

G.H.A. disinfects in a single operation: guaranteed hand hygiene.

Especially effective in the fight against nosocomial infections, its antiseptic properties make it essential in sectors of activity that require perfect hygiene.

It contains aloe which is recognised for its softening properties and glycerine that has been wisely selected as a hydrating agent.

After use, G.H.A. leaves a pleasant, fresh sensation.

Highly recommended in risk zones and in pandemic periods.

Complies with standards EN 1500 - EN 1040 - EN 1275 - EN 12054 - EN 1276 - EN 1650 - EN 14476

Clinically tested

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