Shop floor soap - Gel Performance


Incredibly strong: concentrated power

- solvent free
- plant micro-beads
- lavender fragrance (essential oil)

More details

  • 250 ml X 12
  • 3 L X 4
  • 5 L X 4

Incredibly strong, Gel Performance is effective on heavy and embedded soiling: oil sludge, brake pad dust, hydrocarbon (diesel oil), grease, paint, ink, plant dirt, etc.

A power concentrate, it contains sanitised micronised pine-wood cellulose, true plant micro-beads, that detach and absorb dirt.

It is protective, enriched in plant glycerine and avocado oil that are recognised for their skin softening and restructuring properties.

Clinically tested

Complies with the NFT-73101 standard

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StateMicrocellulose gel
UseHeavy soiling
BusinessAgriculture, Automobile, Building, Community, Industry